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3C Triad Coaching



Our flagship 6-month online program to help your organisation’s most important leaders build coaching, feedback, and collaboration skills in small groups.




Who is this for?

Senior leaders or high potentials


6-month online program

Time investment

Approximately 24 hours (about 1 hour per week)

What can you expect?

3C Triad Coaching provides the motivation, support, and accountability for leaders to make measurable progress on the areas that matter to them, while simultaneously developing the peer coaching and feedback skills to share their insights and create organisational change. The program matches your leaders, in groups of three, with one of our experienced executive coaches.

3C Triad Coaching helps to:

  • Build the leadership capabilities and coaching skills of your organisation’s senior leaders.

  • Enhance cohesiveness, communication, and collaboration across functions.

  • Catalyse a feedback and coaching culture.

The program can be used to break silos across functions or geographies, accelerate integration after restructuring or M&A, catalyse high-potential development, or improve organisational resilience and agility.

After a 360 degree interview process with important stakeholders to gain feedback and identify blind spots, the group goes through 9 two-week cycles of learning material, small group coaching, and reflecting (18 weeks in total). In each cycle, participants learn key leadership insights, have a 90 minute group call to discuss the module and coach each other, and then practice the new insights in their daily work environment.

What is included?

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The 3C Triad Program in 3 minutes

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What do participants say?

We have facilitated our flagship 3C Triad Coaching to over 1500 leaders across more than 60 countries.
Participants were asked to rate their experience on a scale from 1 (poor) to 6 (excellent), and we’ve averaged their responses and converted them to an overall percentage score.

How would you rate the impact of the group conversations?
What did you think about the communication and facilitation skills of the facilitator?
What did you think of the return on investment for this course (i.e. the outcomes of the course compared to the time that you invested?)
How likely are you to recommend this program to a colleague?

  • This was the first training program that I have participated in that has made a valued and lasting impact. The depth, format, and overall approach was excellent. The results were transformative for me and have greatly impacted my ability as a leader now and in the future. It has removed the stress and strain of work, and is allowing me to be far more productive and effective, and to refine my leadership style!
    SVP, Store Development, Hong Kong-Based Retailer

  • Enriching and enlightening!
    Founder, Series D Tech Startup, India

  • The program helped me define clear objectives and through the modules gave me access to different means and practices to achieve my objectives. The cross sharing among the four of us helped generate creative ideas to tackle some of the real-life issues we are facing, resulting in better relationships with my team/key stakeholders, more awareness of my communication, and good success in delegating without fear.
    Senior Director, Global Athletics Company
Case study: Sustainable transformation and ongoing impact

A Fortune 50 global company was in the midst of great changes, undergoing an organisational restructure whilst at the same time trying to adapt to the external challenge of a shifting landscape of their retail domain. They already had a well-defined leadership framework in place and lots of ‘leadership content’ on their intranet, but were struggling to translate it into the day-to-day realities of the company. They needed a partner to help translate insight into consistent and systematic action – something that is our speciality.

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