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Collective success driven by peer support

Inspired by Asian traditions and wisdom.

Founded in 1982 in Singapore, we take the insights of the Asian wisdom traditions as a starting point to help leaders take a holistic and long-term viewpoint on leadership. We help our clients discover that a different sense of leadership creates high-performance teams that are profoundly connected to each other. Instead of people being in competition with their peers, work becomes a supportive process that naturally brings continuous growth and purpose.

We have been helping people grow into the leaders their organisations need for more than 40 years. In this time, we’ve learned that real change requires deep transformational work and support from the leaders’ community. Our custom programs and retreats offer our clients the chance to identify and reset limiting patterns in their mind and relationships (finding depth rather than just tweaking their behaviours) and give them the skills to deepen meaningful connections with their team and stakeholders.

One single formula does not work for everyone, so we use a collaborative, intuitive, and insight-based process to build a unique relationship with each client. This helps them to achieve real, lasting impact. We believe success is only achieved when our clients have developed internal ways for their organisation to continue the learning and development processes after their program ends. When leaders do return to us, it’s to deepen their work, not just to complete the next workshop in a series.

Our skilled coaches facilitate our clients’ transformation as a leader. With extensive experience in multicultural and multilingual organisations, we help clients to build a trusting workplace where people can openly share their ideas, where the success of each person lifts the collective, and where people welcome change instead of resisting it.

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  • How do we continue to nurture a little seed that says ‘We can be wiser. We can do this in a better way, in a more enlightened way, in a more expanded way—in an easier way.'
    Brian Bauerle, Founder of The Asian Leadership Institute
Our Design Principles

We ensure long-term impact and high engagement in all of our programs through the following design principles.

Practice over theory

Wise leaders don’t just learn theory, they practice and apply their insights. We help leaders make the shifts they need to (instead of just talking about them).

Create lasting change

Leadership development is a process, not just an inspirational workshop. We put conditions in place to make sure that leaders don’t fall back into old patterns and 'business as usual' after our programs ends.


Change is only real when it is validated by other people. Using interviews, surveys, and feedback from the leaders' most important stakeholders, we demonstrate progress and create the buy-in to drive future transformation.

Scalable solutions

Organisations are not always able to give each leader an executive coach. We developed programs that strike the right balance between personalisation and scalability so all of an organisation's senior and middle managers can go through their own customised transformational journey.

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