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Retreat-Based Coaching


Offered through the Asian Leadership Institute, our 6-month coaching program includes a two and a half day 1-on-1 retreat with your coach.


Who is this for?

Founders of tech startups or senior executives of multinationals or family-run businesses


6 months

Time investment

Two and half days at one of our retreat centres, followed by at least 1 coaching session per month for 6 months

What can you expect?

Retreat-Based Coaching is designed to create truly inspiring and wise leaders who operate at the highest levels. Each retreat is unique and customised to the client’s context. Clients often come to us to address a specific leadership challenge or to make the next leap in leadership development. During their time at the retreat, they gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Based on these new insights, they will develop their own unique leadership practice, allowing them to consciously shift behaviours that are no longer serving them or their organisation.

Leaders return to their organisation with a clear sense of purpose and an ability to lead from a powerful and authentic place. This mindful leadership has a measurable impact on those around them.

Retreat-Based Coaching starts at one of our beautiful retreats centres in either Chiang Mai, Thailand; Grez-Doiceau, Belgium; or Salt Spring Island, Canada. This tailored coaching style results in two clear benefits:

  • Relationships: Transformational coaching requires open and candid communication in a genuinely caring relationship between the individual and the coach. The in-depth, one-on-one coaching at the start of the retreat ensures that the connection is strong and the work over the next 6 months has the biggest impact.

  • Environment: The relaxed, idyllic, and isolated environment at our centres opens up the individual to new and creative ways of viewing themselves and their situation. The coach leverages this openness, helping the leader learn strategies to better manage the everyday stressors of executive life, especially for when they return to their regular environment.

The Retreat-Based Coaching program includes:
  • Phase 1: Discovery
    • Before the retreat we conduct 7 in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholders to identify specific leadership development areas. Each leader also completes a personal assessment to uncover interpersonal needs and understand how these needs might drive personal behaviours.
  • Phase 2: Immersion
    • During the retreat, each individual will receive at least 15 hours of private coaching, as well as engaging in activities to de-stress and create an openness to new ways of thinking, such as gentle yoga practices, herbal steam baths, dips in a hot tub or saltwater swimming pool, eating organic meals, and massages.
  • Phase 3: Follow-Up
    • At the end of the 3-day retreat each individual will have a clear set of individual leadership practices to integrate into their day-to-day life. Follow-up coaching by phone over the next 6 months will reinforce the new behaviours on an ongoing basis. Both client and coach will involve stakeholders to ensure their personal progress helps to improve their stakeholder relationships and needs.

What is included?

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  • I started working with the coach of ALI-C approximately one year ago as I was getting prepared to take on my first CEO job. We did some soul searching and had lots of conversations during my visit to Chiang Mai. At the end of three wonderful days, he had a very clear idea of my strengths and weaknesses and had given me some tools to help me during my upcoming change. No one could have predicted the turmoil that I endured during the subsequent months. His insight, experience, and his personal knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses allowed him to coach me through some of the toughest days of my life. Now ten months into my first year as a CEO, I can happily say that our company has begun a very positive cultural change and has a new vision for the future. Because of the coaching, I am a more effective leader, a better husband, and a better father.
    Jose Lopez, Former CEO Healthpoint Hospital, Abu Dhabi

  • The ALI-C coach has been a powerful and profound catalyst in my growth and development as an executive. During my coaching retreat, he was a skilled listener and developed a deep attention to my state of mind and to the experiences I have had. With this context he provides, what seems to be, perfectly placed questions and appropriate tools for me to develop emotionally, cognitively, and professionally. I have gained a deeper awareness of myself and the way I connect and interact with the people and world around me.
    Justin Bedard, CEO/Founder, JUMP! Foundation, Thailand

  • I spent 3 days this past November at the Asia Leadership Institute in Chiang Mai in their leadership coaching program. It was an amazing place and the experience was nothing short of transformative! This may seem like hyperbole, but most assuredly it is not. The 360 degree assessment before the program was the most comprehensive I have experienced, with not only the standard input from colleagues at work, but also encompassed feedback from my spouse, children, and personal friends. I found the experience not only enriching but liberating, and find myself looking forward to the ongoing coaching sessions.
    Amar Kureishi, Former Chief Medical Officer for Asia, Alcon (A Novartis Company)
Case study: Initiating a new culture of feedback from the top

A second-generation family-run business in the Philippines needed to undergo an organisational transformation. They wanted to achieve a very ambitious five-year growth strategy but needed a high-performing team and future-ready leaders to achieve it; they decided to start at the top. The CEO had a great team of recently-hired champions and established veterans but wasn’t sure how to create a cohesive, high-performing team that could bring about its own potential – especially in light of uncertainties presented by the first COVID-19 outbreak.

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