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Partnering for the long run

Whether we are working with a global multinational or a Series A tech startup, we strongly believe in being transparent, open, and candid counsellors. We are partners, trusted advisors, and sources of inspiration for our clients.

Because we work with some of the most established corporations, as well as some of the most agile startups, we can leverage best practices across our client base. We are with you for the long run and knowledge transfer is one of our highest priorities – we want to work ourselves out of a job by helping to create wise and inspiring leaders within a thriving culture.

We can provide references upon request.

  • From receipt of brief, to understanding business challenges, to structuring a bespoke solution, and managing a change event for our company, Asian Leadership Institute Consultancy has been first class. Approachable, flexible, professional, and capable of challenging senior management to address the issues that need addressing. We’ve already commissioned them on further projects.
    Mike Jackson, Managing Director
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  • Our leaders were taken on a transformational journey-both professional and personal. With the support of the executive coaches, our leaders gained a heightened level of self-awareness and a deeper appreciation of their roles as team coaches. I was particularly impressed by how many of our leaders shared positive changes they had made to their personal lives, which ultimately enhanced their performance and engagement at work. My experience with Asian Leadership Institute Consultancy has been amazing. The coaches who worked with us were great listeners, caring, and thoughtful in their approach. This made working with them an absolute pleasure.
    Vanessa Teo, Global Head of Talent Development
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