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Sustainable transformation and ongoing impact

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Type of organisation

Multinational retail company

Type of solution

3C Triad Coaching


Executive leadership team and their direct reports

The Problem

A Fortune 50 global company was in the midst of great changes, undergoing an organisational restructure whilst at the same time trying to adapt to the external challenge of a shifting landscape of their retail domain. They already had a well-defined leadership framework in place and lots of ‘leadership content’ on their intranet, but were struggling to translate it into the day-to-day realities of the company. They needed a partner to help translate insight into consistent and systematic action – something that is our speciality. 

After successfully running two team workshops and executive coaching for selected leaders in the  company’s regional leadership team, we began to work with 12 of the company’s senior leaders and expanded this later with 18 more high potentials. This select group was spread across geographies and functions, and while they were performing well enough, they were struggling to adapt to the fast changes, stay agile, and step up to be the next level of authentic and candid leaders the company needed during this challenging time.

The Solution

The company needed a holistic, well-rounded leadership development program that would help their leaders to prepare themselves for their next role in the organisation. They needed transformation, not just inspiration. The 3C Triad Coaching program was the answer. The total cohort of 30 leaders spread across 10 Triads helped the company create resilient, agile leaders; the leaders were upskilled in calibrating their self-awareness and actioning their own growth areas, which were connected to the company’s leadership framework. Finally, the leaders learned in ‘real-time’ how to provide candid feedback to their peers and teams, and adapt to a constantly shifting world through mindfulness and resilience practices. 

We worked closely with the company’s HR department to customise our 3C Triad Coaching program around their existing leadership framework so that the individual goals of each leader matched the broader goals of the organisation. 

The leaders of each 3C Triad were matched together using our proven methodology, drawing from our experience matching over 1700 graduates across 60 countries. Once three leaders were matched, they then engaged in nine interactive modules, each including a fortnightly, facilitated peer coaching call. In this call, the group could discuss the module material and how it related to their own lives, provide peer support and feedback to one another, and define concrete actions to integrate their new insights into their day-to-day lives.


When we asked 30 Triad graduates from this company to rate our program shortly after completion, this is what they said:

Average rating from 1 to 6 converted to %

What is your overall rating for the 3C Triad Coaching program?
To what extent did the Triad Coaching program support your leadership development and growth?
What did you think of the return on investment for this course (i.e. the outcomes of the course compared to the time that you invested)?
How likely would you recommend this program to a colleague?

We know that change is most valuable when it is sustained. That’s why we make sure to measure our impact long after our programs are complete. 

For this company, 12 to 18 months after completing the program, we ran another survey and learned that:

  • Over 70% of graduates continue to meet with their 3C Triads, making time in their busy schedules to maintain their peer relationships and continue to support each other through their growth journeys.

  • Over 90% of graduates express that the 3C Triad Coaching program has a high return on investment for themselves and for the company, when considering the time invested versus the results obtained.

  • A majority of graduates reported that they not only sustained but expanded their progress, continuing to work on their goals, leveraging their new skills, and deepening the relationships developed over the course of the program.

  • Graduates continue to highly rate and recommend the program to those around them. 

From the start of the program until today, what is your overall rating for the 3C Triad Coaching program?
From the start of the program until today, how likely would you be to recommend this program to a colleague, peer, or friend?

One leader said that the 3C Triad Coaching program “will always stay with you wherever life takes you”. Another said that the program is “incredibly enriching” and that “the structure of combining theory + practice + discussions over a sustained period of time was really powerful”.