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High-Performing Team Development


Team development journeys to build trust, accountability, and performance.


Who is this for?

Leadership or executive teams


Varies from a 1-day workshop to a 6-month journey

Time investment

For our recommended 6-month journey, participants commit to 12 hours of workshop sessions spread over a month + follow-up coaching in small groups

What can you expect?

Today, most teams are constantly in transition. A team is never static, and we work with teams at all stages, from forming and storming through norming and performing. We are passionate about helping leaders and their teams make the leap to high-performance. While that leap looks differently for every team, everyone always knows when the jump has been made. In particular, we help teams that are in transition to agree on the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of their work, and support their ability to provide each other with meaningful feedback.

We have extensive knowledge of individual and organisational psychology, along with the experience and learnings from applying those concepts with thousands of leaders and teams over the years. We quickly help startups find cohesiveness and focus, to help ensure they are putting first things first to achieve their growth goals. For larger established organisations, we customise our structured approach to break down the silos across functions without forcing it. For all teams, we leverage our deep intercultural expertise to help teams turn cultural diversity into a real strength.

Our 6-month team development journeys help leadership teams:

  • Assess the state of the team and identify both collective strengths and growth areas in relation to the five elements of high-performing teams.

  • Build psychological safety and trust so the team can create the best possible solutions and innovations for their business challenges.

  • Understand each individual’s value proposition and exchange honest feedback between all team members.

  • Translate workshop insights and commitments into measurable day-to-day changes through small group follow-up coaching and a system of peer accountability, compounding improvements for lasting transformation.

Workshops can be followed by 3C Triad Coaching, larger group coaching, or individual coaching sessions to ensure follow-through on commitments and integration into day-to-day work.

Our recommended 6-month High-Performing Team Development Program includes:

  • Pre-workshop interviews, high-performing team assessment, and report.

  • 2-day kick-off workshop (can be delivered online in 3 sessions).

  • 3C Triad Coaching in groups of 3 leaders after the workshop.

  • Follow-up 1-day workshop after 3 or 6 months.

What is included?

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What do participants say?

We have facilitated our high-performing team programs to hundreds of teams across more than 30 countries.

Participants were asked to rate their experience on a scale from 1 (poor) to 6 (excellent), and we’ve averaged their responses and converted them to an overall percentage score.

Overall rating of the team workshop
How innovative was this workshop relative to others that you have participated in?
How comfortable and safe did you feel to explore your leadership development?
How likely is it that you would recommend this workshop to a colleague?

  • Feels like we’ve just pushed a reset button. A lot more trust, collaboration, and a feeling of ‘we are all in this together.’ Already seeing positive impact in the first 48 hours.
    Mike Jackson, Former Managing Partner, MEC Singapore

  • That team session was really brilliant. It was great that everyone could speak openly in a safe environment and everyone was prepared to receive feedback. The online setup was very good and convenient. We all participated actively and it was refreshing that there was no ‘lecture’.
    Leadership Team Member, Late-Stage Tech Startup, Berlin

  • The two-day team workshop exceeded my expectations. I have often found workshops are inspiring but lack practical outcomes or takeaways. This workshop was educational, inspirational, and I have taken many realistic learnings away that I can hold myself accountable for.
    Leadership Team Member, Fortune 50 Company
Case study: Mixing corporate and start-up cultures to create high-performing teams

A German-based tech company of 50+ staff had a huge task to deliver on a very ambitious timeline. They had pulled together some of the best talent in tech and in senior leadership to create a new high-value B2C SaaS product that would contribute to the corporate sustainability agenda.  The team lacked speed, unity, a sense of urgency, and a shared vision. Our challenge was to create the conditions for the “high-trust, high-accountability and high-performing team” that the CEO had requested.

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