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Inspiring leaders across functions with innovative online sessions

  • “I loved the comprehensive training. Personally, I found this extremely helpful.”
    Participant testimonial
Type of Organisation

Family-run multinational

Type of Solution

Inspiration Session


Mix of staff across the organisation, including country heads

The Problem

A Singapore-based family-run business, operating on a truly global scale with offices in 38 countries across nearly every continent, engaged us to create a platform for cross-functional and cross-country team members to connect, learn, and share key leadership skills and techniques, especially in an online setting.

The Solution

Given that ALI-C already had a strong online presence, when COVID-19 hit we were able to quickly pivot all of our programs online and were already well-equipped with the methodologies needed for effective online engagement. We artfully used polls, self-reflection, structured Q&A, experiential exercises, and breakout groups to meaningfully connect a disparate team and facilitate knowledge transfer amongst members. Our years of experience of online facilitation pre-pandemic have helped us leverage the online environment skilfully, and is a key differentiator between us and others in the field who have only recently pivoted to trying to quickly and often less-effectively translate their programs online.


As a result of the session, the company realised how siloed they had been across countries and recognised their need to bring their teams together in more intentional, systematic ways moving forward. Our sessions showed them how regular, structured engagement can allow people to share previously untapped knowledge that already existed within the organisation. Although family-run businesses often don’t have established L&D departments and practices, we were able to carefully adapt rigour into their staff development initiatives.

Participants said that the sessions:

  • Invited, encouraged, and succeeded in promoting self-reflection on personal mindsets, skill sets, and ideas.

  • Helped expose shared concerns and built a sense of unity.

  • Injected enthusiasm into the team’s work.

  • Inspired the team to think about new ways to do business, with both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Further developed fundamental and higher-level interpersonal skills related to listening and empathy.

  • Provided an important opportunity to identify improvement areas throughout the company.

Participant testimonials:

“Very informative and good discussions in group sessions.”

“Really thought provoking topic – you think you are doing things right sometimes – but maybe you are not. Really got you thinking.”

“I loved engaging with my fellow colleagues in other countries.”

“High-quality training in an international group environment but without losing travel time to attend.”

“The session triggered my mind to think about myself and how others see me!”