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Equipping healthcare leadership and caregivers with tools for resilience during the pandemic

  • “I came away from each session with practical and applicable tips and knowledge.”
    Participant testimonial
Type of Organisation

Healthcare group

Type of Solution

Inspiration Sessions


Mix of staff across the organisation

The Problem

Like many healthcare organisations, the COVID-19 pandemic was stretching the capacity of an Abu Dhabi-based healthcare group. The CEO insisted that a range of staff members – both leaders and senior direct caregivers – across the hospital should participate in a mindfulness-based resilience and adaptability session.

The Solution

Three of our facilitators – one of which is an expert at the intersection of mindfulness and healthcare – created a three-part series on stress-management, mindfulness tools, and coping mechanisms to equip the staff through a period of intense challenge. 

One of our sessions dealt specifically with personal mindfulness practices and emotional regulation, another dealt with relational mindfulness and how to employ mindfulness in engagements with others, and the third dealt with organisational wellbeing and how to make workplace interactions more intentional and less transactional. 

After the first session we realised that the team was in such need for even more experiential knowledge and application (e.g. mindfulness practice on the call), we adjusted the design of the program to provide additional tangible tools with less of a focus on theory. We made sure that all breakout rooms were skilfully and frequently woven into the session design so that participants could share their struggles and explore their new practices in a supportive, relationship-building space alongside their peers.


The three sessions were run weekly and we were told repeatedly that they were something that the staff really looked forward to. 

100% of participants rated the workshop 8/10 or higher, with 52% rating it 10/10. 

93% of participants had a likelihood of recommending the program to a colleague of 8/10 or higher, with 63% saying they have a 10/10 likelihood of recommending it. 

93% of participants had a likelihood of recommending the program to a colleague of 8/10 or higher, with 63% saying they were 10/10 likely to recommend it.

Participant testimonials:

“It was very informative, interactive, and fun.”

“It was so nice to share with others and realise so many people are feeling or experiencing the same things – we are all in this together and can help and support each other.”

“This session was a chance to open up and be honest.”