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Building a coaching culture in a startup during hyper-growth

  • “I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but this was way better than anything I could've imagined. The program had a very high learning density, kept us engaged, and forced us to think and reflect, and it was extremely powerful towards building the psychological safety we needed.”
    Participant testimonial
Type of Organisation

Tech startup

Type of Solution



Top 20 C-suite and C-1 leaders

The Problem

One of the most successful startups in India found itself in uncharted territory; it had rapidly become larger and more diverse than ever before. If the company wanted to thrive at this next level, they needed leaders with self-awareness, people management skills, and the ability to give and receive skilful feedback. 

The company was no stranger to leadership development; they had been using it as a competitive advantage for years. They knew that investing in employee wellbeing yields high returns by increasing talent retention and productivity. One of the company’s founders had been coached by an ALI-C coach and had experienced, first-hand, the power of 360 degree feedback in kick-starting transformation. He wanted the same experience for the senior leadership team, and invited us to their offsite for a full-day workshop.

The Solution

Delivering this workshop at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was a great opportunity for our team to exercise creativity. We developed an innovative, engaging solution to meet the company’s needs, where our facilitators participated remotely to virtually deliver a workshop to an in-person team based in Bangalore.

We provided four 90-minute sessions, focusing on:

  • High-performing team development

  • Self-awareness of enabling and limiting personality patterns

  • Building a feedback culture 

  • Individual and team goal alignment and prioritisation


The workshop aimed to create individual team members that understand their growth areas and a senior leadership team that understands one another and can effectively give and receive feedback. The other co-founder was so impressed by our results that after the offsite, he approached ALI-C for personal coaching for himself. Three other leaders requested coaching a few months later. 

92% of participants rated the workshop 8/10 or higher.

92% of participants said they would 9/10 or 10/10 recommend the coaching to colleagues.

Participant testimonials:

“I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but this was way better than anything I could’ve imagined. It had a very high learning density. The exercises kept us engaged and forced us to think and reflect. You pushed us to accept our flaws in front of everyone, and I think that’s extremely powerful in building psychological safety.”

“Loved it – especially how you got the team to bond and confide in each other, which I wasn’t expecting to be possible in this format.”