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Long-term partnership to shift culture, and come out stronger from the pandemic

  • “I would say the 3C Triad Coaching program is life changing and that if you put the effort in and are honest with yourself you will achieve much more than you could have hoped for.”
    Participant testimonial
Type of Organisation

Multinational retail company

Type of Solution

3C Triad Coaching


153 senior leaders

The Problem

A retail client needed a global leadership development program that would simultaneously break silos and encourage collaboration across all sectors of its organisation, whilst developing the next generation of emerging high-potential talent.

The client wanted to:

  • Advance individual leadership skills.

  • Create connections and encourage collaboration across all sectors and geographies.

  • Foster a coaching and feedback culture.

The Solution

We proposed a customised version of our flagship 3C Triad Coaching program to meet these three objectives. We provided a pilot of 33 leaders across 11 3C Triad groups. Based on strong positive feedback, the company continued to invest in additional cohorts of leaders across four years. By 2019, we had successfully launched 40 3C Triads, supporting a total of 120 participants to engage more effectively in their cross-functional and inter-regional collaboration, upskill in peer-to-peer coaching, and undertake deep personal transformation.

During 2020 – a year of dramatic instability – we supported the company by offering pro-bono coaching and inspiration sessions on adaptability and resilience to help ensure their survival. Many of the company’s leaders said their earlier 3C Triad Coaching experience, including the mindfulness techniques, were integral for their resilience throughout this period.

As the company began a strong comeback in 2021, we partnered to launch the 3C Triad Coaching program to another 33 leaders to support their rapid resurgence from 2020 and future growth goals. The program remains the most popular leadership development program, with consistent oversubscription year after year.


Participant testimonials:

“An awakening call to really look into Leadership Growth Areas and awareness along the modules as a reminder to keep improving. The support from the 3C Triad members is very valuable and the rapport built is way beyond what we can achieve in just the work context. Superb experience throughout the process.”

“I started off being doubtful of the program; but it ended up being the thing which got me through some of the most difficult months of my life.”

When we asked 103 Triad graduates from this company to rate our program shortly after completion, this is what they said:

What is your overall rating for the 3C Triad Coaching program?
To what extent did the 3C Triad Coaching program support your leadership development and growth?
What did you think of the return on investment for this course (i.e. the outcomes of the course compared to the time that you invested)?
How likely would you recommend this program to a colleague?