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Reuben Lowe

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Reuben Lowe has over 15 years of experience in mindfulness-based coaching and interpersonal psychotherapy.

Reuben is the founder of both Mindful Creation and specialises as a therapist working at one of the largest health clinics in the southern hemisphere where he has taught thousands of people these tools.

He is also the creator of ‘Mindfulness: Being Human’, a smartphone app which has insights into the human mind and behaviour, as well as the practice of mindfulness.

Reuben is passionate about helping executives get a balance in their lives. He supports his clients in determining their direction, committing to their goals and nurturing their inner desires. He is inspired to empower people to be part of the positive change that is happening in the world right now. Reuben has coached across Asia, Europe, and North-America, bringing his high-energy, provocative, and caring approach wherever he goes.

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