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Kathy Eckles

Location: Boston, United States

Kathy Eckles is currently based in the US and has over 30 years of professional experience in retail merchandising, consultancy, and coaching.

She holds a Master of Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and was a faculty member at Lasell College. She had a long-held position as a top-quartile performing division vice president in the retail industry and is now an associate with Essential Partners. She is formally trained in psychotherapy and mediation, is a certified trainer of Life Centered Therapy, and runs her own psychotherapy, coaching, and group facilitation business.

Kathy has extensive experience in design and facilitation of private and board retreats, workshops, and delivery of year-long training programs where she taught trauma resolution skills and the Enneagram to psychologists, doctors, coaches, and therapists in the US, UK, Ireland, and Sweden.

Kathy works with individuals and organisational leaders to help them to resolve emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual difficulties and to lead with presence, awareness, and resilience. Kathy fuses decades of study in wisdom traditions, archetypal and spiritual psychology, mediation and dialogue design with her clinical pastoral counseling experience and psychological studies. Kathy utilises her deep presence, sensitivity, and intuition to create transformative change in her clients. She is also logical, analytical, and results-focused while simultaneously bringing great levity and fun to her practice.

In her spare time, Kathy likes to garden, kayak, be in nature, and spend time with the people that she loves.

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