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John McAuley

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

John is a true global citizen. An American born in France, he was raised for a year in Africa, and has since lived in most of the financial capitals including Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He has been affiliated with the Asian Leadership Institute for over 10 years now.

He holds two master’s degrees in business, and spent 15 years on the bustling trading floors of two of the world’s largest investment banks – Chase Manhattan Bank and BNP Paribas. He successfully helped his firms to navigate the many financial crises since the 1990s, whilst simultaneously launching his own hedge fund. After this, he decided to commit himself to a calmer existence. He now coaches and consults with some of the largest funds in the world, and is a frequent speaker at financial conferences.

John is an expert in coaching traders at hedge funds in the optimisation of profit. His experience in highly stressful, fast-change environments, allows him to skillfully support others working in similar environments. He’s passionate about helping leaders to overcome limitations, and to better regulate their emotions. John develops both clarity and intuition in his clients, equipping them with the tools to analyse situations, and make insightful, well-judged decisions, and manage their teams well.

John speaks conversational Japanese, has a third degree black belt in Japanese karate, and regularly practices yoga and meditation. He recently spent his free time teaching karate at an orphanage on the Thai-Burma border.

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