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Brian Bauerle

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand and Salt Spring Island, Canada

The founder of the Asian Leadership Institute, Brian Bauerle, has been working in Asia for over 40 years, helping to shift the consciousness of multinational and family-run companies. He has been instrumental in creating the Asian Leadership Institute’s unique core competence of mindfulness-based leadership transformation.

Brian is a professional psychotherapist who earned a postgraduate fellowship in psychoanalysis from the prestigious Menninger Foundation in the US. He has also held faculty positions at major universities in both the US and Australia.

He spent five years as a monk in Tibet and Thailand where he gained a deep, experiential understanding of the fundamentals and essence of mindfulness training. He uses this unusual experience in a practical yet provocative way, directly applying his key lessons to the world of business. He has worked closely with a wide variety of corporate and governmental institutions to design and implement strategies for organisational and personal change.

Brian specialises in elite, individual, retreat-based coaching. He believes that in order to transform organisations, we must first transform the leaders, focusing on helping people move away from fear-based leadership, towards more expanded states. His success comes largely from his practical awareness, his extensive experience with business, and his aptitude for wise, intuitive counsel.

Brian enjoys a regular meditation and yoga practice, and continues a lifelong tradition of social work, supporting an orphanage on the Thai-Burmese border called the Schools of Hope.

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