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Wisdom Triad


A personal development program for those in the later stages of life seeking contentment, acceptance, and even the ability to embrace the inevitable stages of aging. 


Who is this for?



3-month online program

Time investment

Approximately 27.5 hours

What can you expect?

The 11-week program is done in groups of three with a Wisdom Triad facilitator. The content of the program is based on mindfulness, neuroscience, and 30 years of coaching experience.

Each week there are online materials introducing a particular topic – from consciousness and personality to emotions and communication. The weekly materials include a video, readings, and practical exercises that are shared with the group in an online forum.

The materials serve as preparation for a 90-minute weekly video call where participants share their experiences and challenges, and support each other in applying the content of that week’s module in their lives.

Key outcomes:

    • Learn and apply insights and wisdom that will enrich your life, relationships, and day-to-day experiences.

    • Curate an ongoing practice that addresses life and living, becoming an elder, and that ascribes meaning and purpose during these years.

    • Deepen self-awareness to become aware of and alter autopilot behaviours to reflect how you want to show up in life.

    • Experience a shift in mindset, becoming more accepting and self-content.

What is included?


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What do participants say?

ALI-C has facilitated their 3C Triad program, upon which the Wisdom Triad is based, to over 1500 people in more than 60 countries.

Participants were asked to rate their experience on a scale from 1 (poor) to 6 (excellent), and we’ve averaged their responses and converted them to an overall percentage score.

How would you rate the impact of the group conversations?
What did you think about the communication and facilitation skills of the facilitator?
What did you think of the return on investment for this course (i.e. the outcomes of the course compared to the time that you invested)?
How likely are you to recommend this program to a colleague or friend?

  • This was a priceless experience for me. I am so grateful for the changes in my life as a result of this course. I learned so many life lessons and skills to be more aware and conscious, expanding the richness of my life. My relationships are more connected. Specifically, I was able to let go of my resentments in my marriage, transforming my relationship. My marriage is more united, loving, refreshed and renewed. I am calmer, happier, and more accepting. In my opinion, this course is a valuable gift for anyone, easy to understand, yet profound when practiced.
    Angela, Hong Kong

  • My experience was incredibly positive! I needed a big dose of compassionate honesty in some aspects of my life and felt supported to investigate, learn, and grow. I appreciated the feedback from my facilitator and fellow participants and continue to utilise the techniques in my daily life.
    Susan, Yoga and Mindfulness Coach

  • Having recently retired after a career that was full of long busy days and extensive travel, I found myself bored, anxious, and wondering how I could meaningfully spend my time. The program was incredibly eye-opening. Every week I was more and more amazed at the dramatic insights that I was experiencing. The program gave me a logical framework to deliberately and objectively evaluate and reset my personality. It was a deep and intimate dive into who I am as a person, what behaviours, assumptions, and ‘truths’ were hard coded, and how they were working (or not). That then led to identifying and practicing changes that make me happier and more accepting.
    Lindy, Retired CEO
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